Herbal Consultations

Stephanie Diamond 

Herbalist // Nutritionist // Flower Essence Practitioner // Apothecarist
Whether you are interested in addressing a specific matter of health, are curious about deepening your relationship with plant medicine, or are looking for emotional and spiritual support - an herbal consultation may be just what you need. 

In this in-depth, one on one session, we will focus on your whole being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I take time to listen to you - the stories you tell and the ways your body physically expresses itself in order to empower and assist you to tap into the innate wisdom that resides within you. I believe that we are all our own best healers, and I understand that sometimes it can be hard to listen to what our bodies say. My role is to support and empower you with tools that help you come back to that voice so that you can continue to heal yourself. Working with teas, tinctures, oils, steams, powders, flower essences, nutritional recommendations, bodywork and more - I offer each client a tailored experience based upon what they need at that very moment in time.

Stephanie is an herbalist, nutritionist, flower essence practitioner and medicine maker. She has traveled extensively and studied different healing modalities and traditions around the world. A trained Western Herbalist and Nutritionist, she is a graduate of The California School of Herbal Studies in Foresville, CA and The Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO.

Initial Consultation 
2 hours // Phone or Online 
$120 + the cost of herbs and custom flower essence blends 
Follow Up
45 minutes // Phone or Online 
$45 + the cost of herbs and custom flower essence blends 
custom flower essence blend // $35 
Please email stephanie@chikybotanica.com for inquiries and scheduling.