Fireside Flower Bath

Fireside Flower Bath

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Imagine a moonlit, wood fired bath in a field of wildflowers. Sounds pretty magical, ya? Allow our Fireside Flower Bath to transport you there. A collection of wild California sea salt, Pink Himalayan Salt and Cherrywood smoked sea salt provide a mineral rich, cleansing experience that help rid toxins from the body, soothe sore muscles and stimulate circulation. The addition of coconut milk softens and hydrates skin and a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wildcrafted herbs provide a gorgeous floral steam. Think of it as the next best thing to that mountain getaway you’ve been meaning to get away on.


  • Wild California Sea Salt is rich in minerals to help skin stay healthy and supple. It promotes circulation, detoxification  and restoration of the body’s natural pH balance.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt is incredibly cleansing and pure. It helps maintain proper fluid balance in the body while soothing achy and sore muscles. 
  • Wild Pinyon Pine keeps energies grounded and clear. It provides an uplifting scent that raises ones vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection with the earth and with spirit. It purifies and cleanses the air we breathe, helps clear negative energies and provides an incredible sense of freshness to the environment.
  • Black Spruce is soothing, emotionally relaxing and purifying to the air. Ours comes from forests in Canada, where it has been traditionally used as part of Native American’s healing and cleansing ritual practices.
  • Purple Sage is highly aromatic and provides a characteristically Southern Californian scent. It is rich in antioxidants, aiding the skin in cell renewal and repair. 

To Use: Add a generous sprinkle throughout bath as the water fills. Stir water until salts dissolve. Enjoy and relax as your skin soaks in the minerals, replenishing its natural glow. For a tidier bathing experience, brew this blend in a large jar and then strain before adding to the bath.

Ingredients: Wild California Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt, Wildcrafted Purple Sage, White Spruce, Rose, Cornflower, Safflower, Pinyon Pine Essential Oil

Made entirely with organic ingredients.

9 oz | 300 ml  

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